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Welcome to the official Chris Foss site

The Bloodstar conspiracyThe first Foss T.shirt

The Joy of Sex

Jodorowsky's Dune a documentary

Chris fossicking around on his railway

More of Chris' work can be viewed in the Portfolio Chris' iconic images are available as prints from our shop Please post any comments or questions on the site, we (Chris and Imogene) love to receive them. [columns width="250"] [/columns] [columns width="250" last="true"] Hardware Art of Chris Foss (Special Edition Hardcover) [/columns]   The 400 special edition of  The Definitive SF Works of Chris Foss (Special Edition) (above left) is available from Forbidden Planet London and Amazon.com for US residents The 100 limited edition is available from Titan's shopify shop. Both the 100 and 400 special editions have an exclusive cover, slipcase, signature plate and signed print The 100 edition also includes an unique original artwork hand drawn and painted by Chris If you follow our links to Amazon, Ebay and Forbidden Planet we get a percentage of the sale which is appreciated


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Please show your appreciation and link back to http://www.chrisfossart.com/ if showing Foss work on your own site.   All the artwork on this site is under the copyright of the artist Chris Foss ChrisFossArt.com is the only outlet for Chris Foss prints, and any other form of reproduction of Chris Foss' artwork sold on the internet sanctioned by Chris Foss.  This site is owned and run by Chris and his daughter Imogene.