August 28 2014 Thursday at 12:11 AM


Mindbridge, Joe Haldeman, Futura, London, 1975. Hardware: 149 [button link=""]Buy a Mindbridge print [/button] Grant's print This A3 print is available to purchase (it's the one in the video Chris is sketching on) haldeman Mindbridge 2 Chris discusses the Spice Harvester sketch at Head Office Spice Harvester, April 2012. 4B Pencil on art paper, 32 x 24cm [button link=""]Buy Spice Harvester sketch [/button]   Chris talks about working with Giger and Moebius  
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  Turner Spaceship print for John John & Emma's print [button link=""]Buy a Turner spacehsip print[/button] Here's a flick through of Hardware