August 28 2014 Thursday at 12:07 AM

Leto's Car

Leto's Car. Alejandro Jodorowsky's Dune, Paris 1975 Montage of line drawing with ink and acrylic paint on art board, 34cm x 46cm Page 20: Hardware, 2011 Page 21: 21st Century Foss, 1978 [button link=""]See all available prints[/button] Flash Gordon's Scooter, designed by Chris, 1979* [button link=""]Anyone for Space Tennis?[/button]
Model Producers: Chris King, Stinson Lenz Materials: styrene, silicone mold, fibreglass, resin casting. Model construction: Pete Fielding of Standing Stone Studios, December 2011. Apporoximately 1/10th scale of full size cycle constructed for Flash Gordon (1980). * Screen grab from The Making of Flash Gordon (with thanks to Bob Lindenmayer for sourcing and Chris King for sending).